Team Inch Sighthound Rescue


Team Inch is a group of people who have come together to rescue sighthounds primarily in S. Korea.  Once we have them, we meet their immediate needs for veterinary care and a safe place to stay, then work with our partners to transport them to N. America, where we work together to find them foster and adoptive homes.

What's with the name, "Team Inch"?

Inch is a greyhound we brought to N. America in December, 2013, with the help of people spread across the world, and adoption groups in the U.S. and Canada. At that time, several of us had worked together in various ways to rescue many dogs.  We decided to take the name "Team Inch" to continue our work together. Our philosophy is; one at a time, meeting the individual challenges as they come, Inch by Inch.

Why sighthounds? Why rescue dogs from overseas?
When asked this question, the answer always comes back to our own hearts. We feel that when people follow their hearts' calling, they will do their best work. Rescue work can be heart-breaking, difficult, and expensive. Having a deep connection with the dogs is what makes it endurable.

Placing large dogs, like most sighthounds, in safe forever homes in S. Korea is very hard. Sending them where they have a chance can be their only hope.

And, of course, every single dog deserves a chance, no matter where they are.


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