Fundraising, volunteering, brainstorming … This is the hub of opportunities!

Dive in!


Donations are the life blood of Team Inch, and the dogs we strive to save.  Any amount is always greatly appreciated. 


Our first real for-true auction with real stuff was a big success, thanks to donors, bidders and volunteers who made it all actually work!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

We’ll let you know about our upcoming fundraisers.  If you’d like to follow the day-to-day needs and happenings, hook up with our Facebook page, too.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get behind the scenes, and help Team Inch run the group, using your skills in administration, documentation, web techy stuff, publicity, fundraising development and implementation, etc.
Get right out in front, and be a flight courier (if you happen to be flying between S. Korea and N. America), or meet the in-coming dogs at the airports, drive them to their next stop, foster, do home-checks of potential fosters, participate in publicity efforts through social media or other venues, etc..
If you are in S. Korea, there is a lot of work to do, from pulling dogs from shelters, to transporting them to and from vets and boarding situations and to the airport, fostering and checking on fosters, and more!

What else?

Can you think of something you'd really like to do that you think might help us help the hounds?